Safari Kids, Spring is here, Weather kids, and Five for Friday!

Hello Friends,

I thought I would join up with my friends at Five for Friday in my traditional SATURDAY morning way! I am so thankful to Kacey for providing this platform in which to blog and share!
So here we go.....

1. We are in our African jungle animal unit and  I realize I have written about it too much BUT I have had a few questions about how we make these little safari kids, so I thought I would share the EASY  steps with you.  You can also go to the website of Kim Jordano because she is the one with the original idea. Here is the link to Kim's blog. My kids write an African Jungle animal report that is glued to the other side of this paper. When I get back to school, I will take some photos of their reports and edit this post. :)

 This is so easy...simply have your kiddos create their safari person upon colored paper. There are a ton of templates that you can find on line for the hats. You can have your kids trace their own hands, but I chose to give them a hand/arm template to trace upon skin colored paper. I gave them a circle shape to trace as well as the body because I wanted this project to be big and my kids have a tendency to make things too small. After tracing and cutting all pieces FIRST, they glue them upon their paper.
The binoculars are simply rolled up pieces of black paper that use clear tape to keep them together. The binoculars are taped to the hands.

 This next step I do BUT if you have competent kids, have them do it! I bring them binoculars pieces together, tape together in the middle, and then tape together at the top. Voila! It's done!

 2.  It's officially spring here in Central Illinois! Yay! Finally!

 3.  I wrote a post on some fun weather writing activities on Blog Hoppin' that you can find by clicking the images below....

4.  We have an amazing art teacher at our school. Here are a few photos of some of the art lining our school halls. How lucky we are to have a school that believes in the arts!

 5. Here is our religion bulletin board... I wish I had moved the listening center stories away for the photo.... Oh well... too many things to think about, I guess!

 Have a wonderful weekend! I hope that your weather will be as beautiful as ours is forecast to be!

Please, please visit Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching! You can do that by clicking the image below.

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Baseball Opening Day Craftivity

Hello Friends,

Opening Day is this weekend and in my school, kids are wearing jeans and their favorite baseball shirts on Monday. Our school will be full of baseball, so I thought that I would share with you a fun craftivity that I made to celebrate it!

Here are a few photos of what my students did last year...

We did a mini lesson of how baseball is played and then they created this cute baseball player and did a short fill in the blank writing activity. At the bottom of the sheet, they drew the players. My kids had a blast doing it!

Click on the image below to take you to the resource...

Happy Opening Day, my friends!

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