Pumpkin Life Cycle - Let's Make a Book in 3 different Ways!

Hello Friends,
It's October and that means learning about pumpkins! I have done these books with my students throughout the last few years and I thought that I would share you with you the different styles.

I wrote this original poem several years ago. It DEFINITELY is a shared reading activity. I read it to my little ones and we listen for rhyming words and as well as how the words describe how a pumpkin grows. When I have read the poem, we then go back to each part. My kiddos then use cut paper techniques to illustrate each stage in the life of a pumpkin. I give them templates to use if they become frustrated with the drawing and cutting.

The words in this book are written in a simpler, emergent reader style. We read the sentence together and then directions for how to illustrate the pages are given on each page.

Even those this option takes more time and teacher prep, this is my favorite book. I cut 12"x18" blue construction paper in half. My students glue the simple words to the top of the paper and illustrate the pages with cut paper. My students have tracers to create many of the shapes.

If you are interested in this pumpkin life cycle book packet, you can find it by clicking the image below.

 Until next time!